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Adam Sigel at MARIPOSA
December 12, 2020
That’s what it’s all about.

So simple. Setting a table for family and friends. Sharing gifts and memories. Whether you’re in person or via Zoom, you should start with casual cocktails — in Mariposa’s favorite new glasses—and take it from there.

Clean lines define Mariposa’s refined style. Call them classic or contemporary---as a gift Mariposa’s Signature 17" x 15" Two-Tiered Centerpiece Tray is always held in high regard. Mariposa’s Signature look was specially crafted to let your message shine. Add a personal touch to weddings or gifts by custom engraving this elegant tray top.

Handcrafted by Mariposa from 100% recycled, buffed-until-brilliant aluminum.
Jason Solarek picture
December 13, 2020 • 11:12 AM
Jason at Bridge:
nice pic

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