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We import and distribute B2B only authentic hand painted ceramics from the renown Italian hilltop town of Deruta.
Our current selection highlights some of the most celebrated Deruta's patterns, such as Raffaellesco, a 16th century dragon-based pattern reputed to have been first painted by Raphael; Ricco Deruta, an illustrious Renaissance-era design; and Orvieto Rooster; a crowing rooster motif that symbolizes good wishes for blessings, prosperity and wellbeing.

The DERUTA OF ITALY company was founded by Salvatore Termini (Sal, for his many friends) in 1983 in New York, NY when he begun distributing B2B Wholesale the traditional Deruta's designs such as the Raffaellesco, Ricco Deruta, the Orvieto Rooster designs and more fabulous Deruta patterns.

Throughout the years, in collaboration with renowned designers, Salvatore developed an array of truly unique dinnerware collections, in contemporary and traditional patterns among them designs such as the Circo-Bello, Posata and Giardino collections have become "classics".
Salvatore retired April 1st, 2018, exactly on the 35th anniversary day of Deruta of Italy Corp. and his longtime friend Marco Margaritelli founder of Artistica Italian Ceramics, proudly took over the Deruta of Italy brand that is now managed under the Artistica Italian Gallery, Inc. company with facilities located in the Chicago suburb of Glenview, IL. USA.
Artistica we will continue offering all the current Deruta's collections under the same "Deruta of Italy" brand name as well introducing new products to complement the current product collections as well as introducing new Deruta's designs.

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